New Product - Tire Pannier with Oscar

New Product - Tire Pannier with Oscar

October 17, 2021

If you are following any of our recent journeys, you may have noticed a new addition to the spare tire family of products. While Oscar has been a wild success for us, we agonized over a quick release system on this for almost a year now. Rather than send out the 3 or 4 beta projects we were not entirely happy with, we held on to the notion that it needed a different direction. We experimented with quite a few different designs, but ultimately, we landed on the pannier system we will launch very shortly. This design allows for a "fairly" quick release system for Oscar, while adding additional storage for whatever it is you might need on the trail. All three bags may be purchased individually or as a set, and a deluxe package will also include Oscar. We still have an aspirational goal for a proprietary hardware system for the quick release, but the supply chain malaise has been hampering our ability to get it done with any fluidity.

I ran this rig through its rigors in Moab last month. I was actually surprised it held up as well as it did on the trail after some seriously nasty abuse. The biggest issue we had was dust in the zipper causing the zipper to bind, so that will be revised, as will the shape of the side bag lids to better allow access to the pocket. We had one g-hook slip on a rugged trail crawl (this trail also popped the Super Pacific open) but the units are tethered to not fall away. More on that in the future as we develop a few more ideas on the attachment method.

The "harness" as we call it is made of a TPU material that replicates Hypalon, but without the toxicity and the difficulty of dealing with Trelleborg as a supplier. This material is proven and robust and we have little to no issue overall with the performance on many products. We have found the harness is stable in travel, easy to clean, and works as it designed to. The harness also allows you to lash your own bags to it if needed as we did not want to require our bags as a mandatory feature. We figured if you have something you already use and love, why would we tell you different?

We should launch this soon as we have only one design change to make for the initial release. We will also have a system at SEMA in the RedArc booth - If you are there go check it out. Questions? feel free to email us at info@lastusbag(dot)com.