LUSB266 Universal Rescue Bag (URB)

LUSB266 Universal Rescue Bag (URB)


Similar to our LUSB088 Flexible Lift Bucket 100#, the LUSB266 is designed for safety gear, extraction devices, first aid, or other egress tools when working at height. Designed without rigidity in the opening to allow for greater flexibility when pulling through smaller spaces.

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Increased durability in base materials and ID windows. The interior daisy chain tether is made for rescue tools for organizational purposes. Secure roll-top closure for interior pocket and exterior pocket with buckles.

The 266 adds additional features to the LUSB088. These features include a pocket on the front exterior of the bag, and hand grabs for personal lift. The pocket is ideal for protection of binders, incidental reports, laptops, documents, etc. made for outside the main tool compartment. 100# lift rating.

Measures: 14" diameter (on bottom) x 20"h x 19.75" w, Exterior pocket measures: 12.5"h x 13"w

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Weight 4.6 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 6.5 × 5 in

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