Camo Personal Tool Carrier

Camo Variation Available For A Limited Time

New Product! LUSB44-B.A.G.

Bad Ass Gear: An everyday solution for the professional technician

Introducing The Tool Caddy

We have given it a makeover and by adding a new color combination with a unique magnet attachment and double closer to meet any lift requirements. We have also reinforced the lanyard attachment to allow easy connections for heading up tower or wherever your job takes you!

Heavy Lift Rated Bags

We make the best heavy lift industrial, multipurpose bags

Advanced Personal Tool Carrier

The Advanced Personal Tool Carrier is a multi-positional lift bag with safety as its cornerstone.

Featured: Universal Rescue Bag

The Universal Rescue Bag is designed for safety gear, extraction devices, first aid, or other egress tools when working at height. Designed without rigidity in the opening to allow for greater flexibility when pulling through smaller spaces.

Heavy Lift Bags

Quality bags that can hoist anything you need.

Heavy Lift Bags


Personal Lift Bags


Deal Of The Day


$59.95 $39.95

The single layer makes for a great casual everyday belt as well. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.


flow duffel bag

Featured Products

The highest quality lift bags on the market.

Made In Vancouver WA, USA

Our DNA is building product domestically, and we continue to invest in equipment, people, and education to continue manufacturing in the United States. While years of textile production were in decline in the US, we have steadily grown our footprint to offer a sophisticated domestic manufacturing option that makes product development and manufacturing seamless and on time.

The LUSB factory in Vancouver, WA utilizes technology advances to bridge smaller volume orders and paves the way for larger volume production as well. We encourage all those curious about building in the US to contact us for a brief survey on your needs. We look forward to helping you in your drive for excellence.

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