Hub Bag / Battery Bag

Hub Bag / Battery Bag


Our LUSB303 reinforced with a 30oz. heavy vinyl base. Body constructed of 1000d Nylon measuring 16″w x 12″h x 6″d and 1000d Nylon Cordura Dry-Tight closure to ensure a safe lift. Comes standard with Hi-Viz lift slings for ease of carrying a heavy load.

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Lift Rated to 75 lbs/34 kg.


"Partnering up with LUSB has been exciting inventing strategies and designing dreams.
Since the beginning,

LUSB has reached out to collaborate with our company towards creating unique and customized material handling bags that provide us with the cutting edge on safety and improving ergonomic lifting for our employees.

Most recently, LUSB has again demonstrated the ability to deliver a solid, durable product within an effective timeframe. While working together, LUSB was able to design a perfectly compact, multi-zipper, Velcro/close-top design specifically for our batteries to assist in transport while working at heights in a wind turbine. We needed the bag to be smaller than usual and rated to withstand a shock load for safety measures. They identified our needs and responded timely with multiple prototypes. We quickly identified the changes, made appropriate adjustments and within a short time we received the bag we were anticipating. They Nailed It!

In addition, LUSB suggested other uses for the bag and proposed a multipurpose option to add to it. They upgraded the bag by adding a cushioned insert to house and protect our control module boxes that we also need to safely transport up tower. We were able to design not one, but two excellent products for both high risk jobs. This improved gear makes our job a whole lot safer and easier. This ingenuity further supports our reasoning, that if you want excellent customer service, a superior product, proper delivery, and a company that ensures your voice is heard and your expectations are met, get with LUSB.

They’ve mastered the art of building superior industrial lift bags and have proven worthy to their name, as the Last US Bag Company."


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Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 4.5 × 4 in
Sling Type:

Rings (2), Slings (2)