Oil, Gas, Utility, and Work-at-Height


With the demands on work-at-height focused on safer environments, LUSB looks to solve personnel and asset liability through the use of smart, safe, and efficient design. We build our lift bags to the ANSI 121-2018 standard for container lift, in addition to enhancing that standard with high puncture resistance, replaceable wear points, and true, supported slings that properly carry a load vertically. 

When searching for a lift bag product, we always recommend understanding the total use of the product, its environmental factors, the frequency of use and the proper size of the container. Often, we hear that bags or containers are used for a variety of tools and equipment, when really, they should be isolated to the proper product that ensures a safe carry at height. We determine this through surveying our customers, understanding their usage, making site visits, and through inspection of product in use. You can always as LUSB to design and build a custom solution if one doesn't exist - This is often the best course of action and suits the need perfectly.

Custom lift products are a specialty for LUSB. We work to include all features needed, such as tether point anchors, waterproof lining and exteriors, puncture and cut resistance, load balancing and proper sling length to achieve load capacity. Feel free to call LUSB to speak with a specialist on how to meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


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