LIFT & Industrial Bag Info

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LUSB designs and builds some of the most practical, rugged, and long lasting products for industrial use. As with any product in a harsh environment exposed to rigorous demands, we absolutely require users to be diligent in their inspection of these products while in use.

For general purpose bags, routine inspection of seams, fabric, closure mechanisms such as buckles and hook/loop, etc. should be daily inspection tasks to ensure safe working conditions for the user. As with all our products, we warranty the workmanship and materials under normal use.

What is 'normal use' mean? Well, good question! Normal use could be described as the using the product for it intended duty. For our LUSB053A this means carrying tools, personal items, cell phone, etc. with you attached to a harness or belt, free of extended exposure to chemicals, wet environments, or extreme situations such as being run over repeatedly, dragged across gravel for long distances, or submerged.We anticipate some adverse situations where the bags will be tested, however, flagrant abuse is not going to allow longevity of the product in the field. 

Proper Inspection:

1. Inspect all seams for loose, broken, or worn thread. If a hole, break in stitching, or wear has compromised the product anything beyond 2 stitch lengths, the bag should be pulled from use for a more thorough inspection and/or repair. We are happy to repair bags as necessary.

2. Inspect any hardware - buckles, hook/loop closure, webbing, etc. for wear and tear. Practice using buckles so you get a feel for the closure - If it doesn't connect or release smoothly, remove from use and perform a more thorough examination. In most cases, we can replace buckles.

For Hook/Loop closures, inspect for foreign debris clogging the 'pile' of the material that prevents a proper closure. Over time, hook/loop will wear out and should be replaced to ensure proper closure.

For webbing, ensure no tears, unraveling, or broken stitches are occurring where attached to a bag. In most cases, these can be repaired for further use in the field, HOWEVER, in the case of lifting harnesses these inspections must ensure safe operation, so diligence is required during inspection. IF for any reason an operator feels that the webbing has become compromised, remove from service immediately and contact LUSB for further guidance. 1-800-688-8442

3. Labels, including serial number and Product ID are required to be clearly visible and readable by operator during use. If these become compromised, removed, or damaged they should be removed from use immediately as they will not be able to be traced back to the production lot code.