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Featured below is a listing of designers we know and trust to assist with your project. We will typically recommend certain designers for specific projects, based on their experience and expertise, however, we believe you should always interview as many as possible in order to feel as comfortable as possible.

Jeff Popp  Vagari Design
720-641-7117 Denver, CO
Jeff is an internationally acclaimed product and brand creator from the mile-high city of Denver, CO. He is a carry industry veteran with experience in just about every aspect of business. Jeff gained most of his experience by necessity, struggling to survive as a young  entrepreneur. At just 22 years old he started his own backpack brands, MHM & CO.ALITION. The bag brands would go on to shake up the backpack industry, be distributed internationally and receive many coveted design awards and press for their innovations.

Jeff continued to build his brands for over 8 years until he sold them in 2016. After the acquisition, he stayed with the brands for another few years to continue his work on the product line. In late 2017, Jeff decided it was time to move on and left his backpack brands to create his current product focused venture- VAGARI Design Collective.
When not working Jeff is usually adventuring and doing ridiculous things with his wife, Rachel, and their hounds. He enjoys just about anything to do outdoors, snowboarding, tries to play the guitar (poorly), is addicted to volleyball, traveling, and putting down tacos like a boss.


Silas Beebe  Silas Beebe, The Beebe Company
503-734-7561 Portland, OR

As a seasoned independent design consultant, I enable emerging and established companies to transform concepts into consumer-driven products.  

 With over two decades of experience working for leading brands and design agencies, as a consultant and in-house. I offer clients guidance and support from design to delivery.

 Over the last five years I have provided strategic direction and design counsel to Samuel Hubbard Shoes - including footwear design and development, branding, graphics, fit testing, as well as trend research. I also conducted a dozen trips on behalf of Hubbard Shoes to factories in Europe. 

 Deep experience with softgoods, leathergoods, and footwear design, sewing prototypes, development, and sourcing in Asia, Europe, and the USA.


In collaboration with friends, designers, engineers, and clients I have won awards from Red Dot, the Industrial Design Society of America, Price Pfister, and the Oregon Manifest.


My creative and innovative designs have been featured on CNN nationwide and local Fox News, published in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Co., ID Magazine, the LA Times, and The Portland Tribune.


Keen Footwear, Samuel Hubbard Shoes, Chrome Industries, Swiss Gear, Superfeet, Wenger, to name a few.

 PORTFOLIO  www.silasbeebecom


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