Getting Personal

A Note To Our Friends;

Thanks for visiting The Last US Bag Company. For over 15 years, we have been sewing and turning bags. Each day new challenges arise and new opportunities present themselves. As with any company, we do a lot of things really well and some other things we screw up on. What we want you to know is that we care about what we do, and we will always work to continually improve our processes and deliver what is promised. It's our commitment to you, and ourselves.

If we do make an error, it is my belief that the best corrective action begins with communication. If we cannot communicate our issues, then well, we shouldn't be in business. Let us, and me in particular, know if you need our help or cannot get a hold of us for some reason. You can always call 1-800-688-8442 M-F 8AM-4:30PM PST to speak to someone here. We will make it right.

With that being said, I will offer you this picture of a puppy. Because nobody doesn't love puppies like this, and I like to leave on a good note...

Best, Will Macia, President and Chief Responsibility Officer