Asset Protection & Drop Tool Prevention

Today's industrial environments operate with a direct emphasis on reducing waste, lowering cost, and promoting safety, but in order to maintain a healthy and profitable workplace, we must keep our assets intact, our personnel safe, and our operations LEAN. LUSB designs and delivers proven solutions to the following problems:

  • FOD Recovery & Abatement
  • 5S Tool Storage Solutions
  • Mobility & Work-at-Height Drop Prevention
  • Asset Protection & Accountability
  • Safe Lifting Carriers at Low & High Capacity to 500lbs.

Whether it be a FOD curtain to keep harmful and costly debris in control, a specifically designed & cut tool tray for wrenches and instruments, a drop prevention tool bag with lanyard attachments, or a lift-rated bag solution, we have you covered.

We customize solutions daily for industries such as renewable energy, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and industrial with an emphasis on ROI and accountability. Call LUSB today to learn more about how we can customize a solution to make your work space more profitable.

Custom FOD Curtain to cover scissor lift jacks.

Articulated anti-static foam lay-down pads for interior of fuselage.

Aerospace Rail Bag

Designed to transport delicate aircraft parts from plant to plant.

5S Tool Tray

Tool trays with custom foam inserts for 5S