LUSB224 Large Nylon Storage Cube, 13.2x13.2x7.2


These heavy nylon and mesh storage cubes were born when a customer of ours requested that we create storage solution to fit perfectly into their custom converted vans. We waved our magic wand and suddenly TA-DA these appeared. If only it was that easy! We worked hard to ensure that our storage cube would maximize the capacity their vehicles tight quarters. 

Small enough for the minimalist but big enough for any over packer who wants to fit in just one more thing. These soft sided bags bags include two interior mesh pockets that allow you to keep your vehicle camping needs all in one place. See-through mesh allows you to easily see what you remembered to pack and identify what you left behind. 

Includes: 2 Convenient grab handles, 2 zipper pulls for ease of closing, and plastic snap hook for easily secure to vehicle interior.

Measures: 13.2" H x 13.2" W x 7.2 " D (2 Pockets 13.2" H x 13.2" W x 3.2" D)


Product ID: LUSB224

Made in the USA.