LUSB504R 500 Series Lift Bag, 150#, 24x12x12


The design of the 500 series bag is lightweight, ultra-strong and remarkably tough compared to industry standard bags on the market today. The 500 Series bag will last longer in the field and give peace of mind to operators who demand a high level of performance.

The 500 Series utilizes a proprietary laminated fabric that is designed to reduce stretch in seams and thread. It increases our bags cut resistance to ANSI Level 6 (ANSI 121-2018). In addition, the 500 Series incorporates a waterproof 32oz. replaceable vinyl base that can be removed in case of damage.

2 Rings

Includes: LUSB504B Replaceable Base 

Materials: Proprietary Engineered Laminated Fabric, 1000d Nylon,  35oz Vinyl Coated Polyester.

Measurements: 24 h x 12 w x 12 d

Product ID: LUSB504R

150lb/70 KG Load Rating

Made in USA.