Where's Wildo?

April 19, 2018

Hey there. Came out from under the rock. 

Much time has passed since I was last here to word-vomit on you. Over the last year, our site has grown dramatically and with a lack of organized care associated with it. I am here to say that we are committing to fix some of these issues we are dealing with, such as poor formatting of images, lack of a category-subcategory architecture (you can slam Shopify stock themes for that), and some products not being published at all. It takes time, resources, and discipline to do all this, and at any one time we may be deficient of one of those! 

We are going to be working with a new branding company to assist us here and bring the site to a level we are happy with, but most importantly, that works well for you. Please be patient, I promise it won't be painful to you all.