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Wind Turbine Talk

March 04, 2019

Wind Turbine Talk

Last week we were exhibiting at AWEA O&M in Coronado. This is a special event where we have the unique opportunity to sit with the folks that use our products, learn from their experience, and come back to set some revision strategy ahead. A common theme we hear constantly is that we need to increase the longevity of the products in the field.I do not disagree. In fact, I applaud this concern as responsible and the right direction for us all. 

During the show, we illustrated some key features on our products for future builds that will allow for a lifespan increase on the products. How are we doing this? Technology... To date, most bags are made from vinyl or canvas, two excellent fabrics that work well enough and hold their own. The problem is that in the environments we are asking them to work in they can fail too often. Not their fault, rather ours for not pushing the envelope in higher grades of material. Over the last 8 months we have been working with Honeywell on developing a fabric based on the Spectra UHMWPE material that is highly puncture and abrasion resistant, while being incredibly light and "10x stronger than steel." That last part might be hyperbole, but not really. This material is incredibly strong and provides significant challenge in the manufacturing process, yet added into a heavy haul lift bag we see dramatically improved performance and longevity in the field. Couple that with bases and waterproof liners that that can be replaced when worn or damaged, and the incremental cost to keep in the field over time is significantly lower than replacing the whole bag.

Yes, it comes at a price! Due to the cost of raw materials and labor, these new products will be a bit elevated over today's offering, yet the ROI on this is so obvious anyone will realize the benefit. We are excited to be launching this shortly and look forward to seeing you put it to work in the field...

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