Spring Break

March 29, 2019

It's Washington spring break for schools, so as is ritual, I am traveling to look at colleges for my son. The good news is, I have wifi and can log in here and see what is happening. I want to thank those of you who continue to support us through our online store. This morning, I woke to a repeat customer's order and I was so thankful that we have gained your confidence in our products. As we continue to develop products for work-at-height, outdoor, and the overland market I hope you all feel you can let us know what we do right, what we need to improve on, and what we do wrong, especially. We are a small company dedicated to our customers, and we appreciate your feedback always. Send any inquiries, thoughts, poems, or feedback to info@lastusbag(dot)com. We all appreciate it greatly!

Incidentally, I'm in Bozeman, MT and it is dumping an inch or two. Nothing more beautiful than Bozeman in the spring...