NWOR 2019

June 29, 2019

Nightly Raffle Crowd. HUGE, and worth it! NWOR 2019

The NW Overland Rally this year did not disappoint. Connecting with old friends, vendors, new friends, and whole bunch of friendly canines was certainly cool and reminded us why we love this event so much. This year, we arrived a day earlier than normal so we could set up camp and get into the groove. Glad we did as we had a lot of organizing to do to get ready. As is expected, Dave and Todd (Gigantor) were late because Todd's battery on his NEW bike was having issues. The exact same thing happened last year on a different bike. Todd has bad luck. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to get a new one and they arrived about 2PM on Thursday. The crowds started to swell later that night, and Friday and Saturday were good and busy both at the booth but also at each class or seminar being taught. The great thing about these events is the quality of the content, and the people providing it. We meet so many interesting folks each year it is hard to remember all of the conversations and the banter, but we walk away from the weekend totally inspired and thankful we attend.

NWOR 2019

This night ended like a frat party...

We were camped next to the Selway Fabrication dynamic duo of Rachel and Nate. If you do not know Rachel and Nate, get to know them. I am not clear if they actually fabricate anything or just appear magically each year with hoards of great gear? It really doesn't matter, we love these two and Luna their dog and their massive ice chest and their toenail clippers. Check them out at https://selwayfab.com

Matt, the wizard behind Dragonfly Tarps, is another friend of LUSB that we can never get enough of. If you get the chance, ask him for his family hamburger recipe. It is the best burger you will ever try, no joke. We all went home with the recipe and are better off for it. Matt designs and builds amazing outdoor tarps that are second too none. Check out Dragonfly Tarps here: www.dragonflytarps.com

Christina and John at Nomad Vanz are doing cool stuff, like blow your mind van conversion stuff. These two are killing it and we support them 1000%. check out Nomad Vanz here: www.nomadvanz.com

Finally, at least for this installation, have to send a high five to Bob at Planetary Design. He hooked me up with a French press after I realized I left mine at the office. Rookie move, Will, but it is OK as we have friends in the mountains who drink coffee! Check out the awesome coffee gear at www.planetarydesign.com.

We will have some more shouts to give soon. I gotta get to bed so I can run in the AM and not feel like a tub of cheese. Sweet dreams, peeps. Goodnight!

The field at 8AM on Thursday: