Civil Unrest

October 07, 2020

Wow, here comes the tumultuous period of time called election season. A nagging and fearful thought among many is whether or not we will have some form of civil unrest due to the election result, one way or the other. Here's my amateur and unreasonable thoughts on this - We all need to realize that it is inevitable that one side or the other will be upset, however, that should never be considered a license to be violent or a jerk. Let's see about using dialogue to make our arguments in a respectful and positive manner that both listens to our opponent and allows for a two-way conversation. I get that when emotions run high, our clarity of thought and rush to silence tends to take over, but the reality is, we all have different views and experiences that influence our behaviors and ideology. We are too often reducing our arguments to social media posts consisting of less than 140 characters, or wallowing in our echo chamber for confirmation bias so we don't have to think any harder.

This last weekend I met folks who were on both sides of the political spectrum, and many in between. We all got along, we talked long into the night, and we left understanding we were different and respected our right to vote independently and without fear of repercussion from each other. Perhaps our current media is driving the divide further apart, and some have been swept into one side of the wedge or the other, unwilling to go against the flow in fear. Or perhaps we have just gotten plain lazy and would prefer to just be led than to have to think for ourselves, becoming blind followers without a rudder control? I can't say for sure, but it sure seems like the division is purposeful and exacting a toll on majority of public through fatigue and emotional distress. 

I have an idea - let's go camping, turn off the phones, maybe fish together a bit, and chat around the campfire. I bet we'll leave friends. I'll bring the s'mores.