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Q. I am new to developing product. I have an idea and some sketches. What is the next step?

A. We always like to further develop the product through the design process. We start by examining the need for a tech pack, where illustration and technical requirements begin to take form. As this is developed, we continue to flush out the detail and drive towards a strong product prototype phase. Mostly, we are putting in some much needed analysis to be able to get to a prototype that most fits your needs.

Q. Do you prototype? How long will this take?

A. Yes, and it really is a dependent on the product. Items of lower value (market or materials or both) can sometimes speed to market readiness, although we caution most that that is an anomaly. Average times for most products are 4-8 weeks.

Q. What does prototyping cost?

A. Again, depending on the complexity, each project will be different. We will offer flat rates or hourly fees depending on project, and we typically will offer a rebate on a percentage of those fees if we are chosen for production. It is truly a matter of case by case, however.

Q. We only want to have a small sampling run done. Is that OK?

A. In many cases, yes. It really depends on what the project requires. In cases where we have a lot of special materials, functions, tooling, or other, we may have to raise the minimums needed to produce. In cases whee the materials are standard and perhaps the construction more common, minimums may be able to be lowered.

Q. What is a typical production time?

A. Not to beat a dead horse, but it depends again on the complexity. Some production just takes longer to perform than others. Some doesn’t, and in that case you will get your product faster. Typical lead time is 6-8 weeks.

Q. Can you produce large volume orders?

A. Yes, indeed. Either in the US or with a our factories in China we can produce what is necessary to fill your needs.

Q. What quality standards do you use?

A. We are a continuous improvement company working towards our ISO quality standards. At this time, we are building and continually developing Quality personnel to oversee each project. A written quality plan will be instituted with each new project and reviewed with each customer prior to work beginning to assure we meet expectations.

Q. Can I deliver my own raw materials to LUSB for use in my project?

A. Of course. We’ll do our best to manage that on our end to yield the best result. In the case of extensive warehousing we may have additional requirements.

Q. Do you offer fulfillment?

A. Yes, but only for the right situation that fits both parties well. We have a detailed fulfillment pricing schedule upon request.

Q. What companies have you worked with so I can feel comfortable working with you?

A. We have worked with many large consumer companies (GAP, Nike, Adidas) as well as defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman. Our team is skilled in many areas of textile product development.