About Us

The Last U.S. Bag company is dedicated to serving the soft goods market offering efficient design, prototyping, and low-to-high volume production.

Utilizing LEAN principles and cost effective modular building methods, LUSB continues to deliver solutions to many industries, including medical, military, retail, industrial, and design markets.

LUSB can help jumpstart your project, define your design, and get you product delivered from either of our domestic facilities in the northwest. In addition, LUSB has a global reach to markets in soft goods capitals in Asia that produce high volume at reduced costs. Whatever the best fit is for your needs is what we strive to deliver.

The US market is seeing a dramatic rebound in textiles, and LUSB continues to expand its capabilities to offer robust manufacturing solutions. Our facilities in the US are FAST, RESPONSIVE, and most of all, highly COMPETITIVE. If you’re looking to build in the US you’ve come to the right place!

We happily work on prototypes, small orders and rapidly changing product lines. Our representatives can fly out to meet with you or you can visit us. We can work with you at a level of personal contact that best meets your needs.

Our engineering people are attached right to our production facility, giving us immediate access to a huge range of equipment, materials and know how. We can turn your CAD file into a bag and get it in your hands faster than any overseas supplier. If your product changes require a change in a bag or case design, we stay with you with minimal waste in inventory.

We have a great workforce that is both motivated and productive. They are outfitted with efficient production equipment. We buy our materials in bulk from US and foreign suppliers. We can drop ship to your various locations without extra warehousing and handling. Bottom line: US Made can be your lowest cost solution in sewn bags and cases.

Global Manufacturing

LUSB has dedicated full-time staff in ASIA working with factories all over the eastern world. Our team is highly experienced, centrally located, and willing to source whatever the need. Our team of QA staff keeps product coming that are accurate and on-time.


We can help you build your brand, promote your services, and motivate as well as recognize your employees. Together we can create lasting impressions. With the use of promotional products, we can help reinforce your vision for your brand. A well-developed professional image is a necessary tool in the competitive and challenging business world. Brand-identity development is an integral part of your company’s growth. Brand recognition is crucial to your success. Visit our specialized site for more information on products and pricing.